DP Max Wax Carnauba Wax New Formula 8oz

DP Max Wax Carnauba Wax New Formula 8oz - CARZILLA

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Made with pure carnauba wax and advanced polymers.
Detailer’s Pro Series Max Wax High Gloss Carnauba Paste Wax replicates the look of premium car waxes without a premium price. Detailer’s Pro Series Max Wax is made of pure No.1 grade yellow carnauba from Brazil and engineered polymers to create a wet, glossy shine that lasts longer than carnauba alone. You’ll love what it does for your vehicle’s paint.

Carnauba wax gained popularity in the 1960s on the car show circuit for its rich, multidimensional shine. It set the standard for how a vehicle can look with the right care. Decades later, there is still nothing more brilliant than a carnauba wax finish.

Detailer’s Pro Series Max Wax is a soft, pliable paste that goes on like butter and wipes off just as effortlessly. The easy application saves you time and effort. Plus, Detailer’s Pro Series Max Wax does not stain rubber trim.

The shine created is nothing short of beautiful. Any color paint will appear deeper and richer with every coat of Detailer’s Pro Series Max Wax. The addition of VOC compliant polymers allows the wax to bond to the paint for longer lasting protection. Carnauba wax provides UV protection, as well as resistance to acid rain and contamination. Your vehicle will be protected for up to 2 months in ideal climates.


Detailer’s Pro Series Max Wax isn’t just a name; it reflects the superior performance of the wax. Max stands for maximum shine, maximum clarity, and maximum reflection. Some carnauba-based waxes cloud or turn yellow with subsequent layers.Detailer’s Pro Series Max Wax contains a purified carnauba with clear, reflective polymers that allow you to layer it as many times as desired to achieve the look you want. Even one coat is impressive, but additional layers increase the depth and multi-dimensional shimmer of your paint.Layer Detailer’s Pro Series Max Wax over a long-lasting sealant like Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 to get the best of both worlds: shine and protection!

Detailer’s Pro Series Max Wax delivers the wet look that is so popular on show cars and collectibles. We dare you to compare Max Wax to any carnauba paste wax on the market. For outstanding shine and value, nothing comes close. Detailer’s Pro Series Max Wax will take your vehicle’s shine to the max!


  1. Wipe a poly foam applicator across the wax. Apply the wax in a 2-3 square foot area in a very thin, even coat.
  2. It is not necessary to allow the wax to completely haze over. Buff off the wax with a clean Cobra Microfiber Towel. Apply as many coats as you like.