Detailer's Trim Detailer (Aerosol) 11oz

Detailer's Trim Detailer (Aerosol) 11oz - CARZILLA

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Save time and enjoy the look of dark, detailed trim with Detailer's Trim Detailer. This aerosol spray quickly coats trim and tires to provide a low gloss, new-rubber finish. Exterior trim will look dark with a subtle, satin shine to complement any vehicle. Detailer's Trim Detailer offers excellent protection to keep trim and tires looking better than new.

It's easy to put the finishing touch on tires and trim with Detailer's Trim Detailer. This is a special polymer spray that bonds to the rubber to offer UV protection and water resistance. The coating lasts through rain showers and even a few car washes. Your vehicle's dark trim, moldings, and tires will look instantly revived with one to two light coats of Detailer's Trim Detailer.

The clear coating enhances rubber without making it look shiny or greasy. We call this satin finish the concours look. It's what you see at car shows and in showrooms. Best of all, it's easy to get this look. Detailer's Trim Detailer simply sprays on. No need to wipe or buff. The coating dries in a matter of minutes and will not sling from tires.