Detail Popo Snow Blanket Edgeless 350 gsm (5 pack)

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40x40 cm 350 gsm ultra soft low lint zero scratch 70/30 blend microfiber towel.

Good practice: always machine wash towels before use to loosen lint and possible contamination during transport.

The Popos’ are on the look out for the world’s most fluffy and soft towels! So what makes these towels so soft and durable?

Microfiber towels are composed of 2 polymers, polyester and polyamide. Polyester is the foundation of the towels, it provides majority of its tensile strength, chemical/mildew resistant properties, and polyamide provides the softness and absorbency of the towel. These towels are manufactured with 70% polymer and 30% polyamide blend. Gram per square meter (GSM) is the standard weight unit used in the textile industry, indicating how heavy the specific blend of towels are. A higher GSM does not mean it’s better, it is simply an indication of weight. For example, when wiping off polish and waxes, it’s best to use a sub 350gsm towel, as there’s no need for the extra weight of the 600+gsm. The thickness of the towel does not aid in the removal of polish, considering if the length of the pile are the same between 350 and 600gsm. The thickness or the weight of the towel comes in handy when drying or absorbing liquids. 500gsm is preferred when using a spray and wipe waterless wash, the extra 150gsm helps in absorbing the excess liquid from the waterless wash, whereas in general, 350gsm is optimum when buffing off waxes, polishes and the use of detailing sprays.

Waffle towels are thin but weighty for its thickness, generally in the sub 400gsm range. Think of a 400gsm towel compressed into a thin non-linting towel. The advantage of its thinness is the ease of wringing, a thick 1200gsm towel may be more difficult to wring out. The weave of the waffle also completely eliminates the possibility of loose lints, thus waffle towels are great for windows too. We designed our microfiber pile to have the optimum length, it’s long enough to have good surface area however not too long, because just like a pet, the longer the hair it’s just naturally to lint more than short pile, however this also depends on loop and mill techniques and style of the towel.

Although most of the Popo towels are edgeless, there’s still a misconception of a sealed edge towel will scratch, this is not quite true. Most modern towels with a sealed edge are really soft, however edges does not have “pile”, as the pile or fuzz of the towel can hide contaminants. That’s the reason why chamois are becoming obsolete, though it holds a lot of water, but it has no pile and quite dense, no where for dirt and dust to hide. Waffle towel mimics the chamois in its thickness and weight, but with increased pile or pores to absorb grit if present.

We’re actually also fans of GYEON’s Silk Dryer and CarPro’s Dhydrate drying towels, its twisted looped weave makes it completely lintless and its fibre structure really holds water well, however it’s not meant for buffing off polishes etc due to its less dense fibres.

Made in S Korea.

$4.6 per towel.

Good practice: always machine wash towels before use to loosen lint and possible contamination during transport.

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Jason M.
United States United States
The sooner you purchase these the happier you will be!

Detail PoPo (kiss kiss) Am I right Chris? I'm probably way off and emberassing myself. Yup this is a public awkward Anyway not all microfiber is equal and let me tell u these pusher DP towels are the best on the market period. The rag company and auto fiber can't touch these as far as quality of the microfiber used. So I hadn't been all that happy with my 500or 600gsm long nap towels form TRC, AF, or Luxury Microfiber. I always would get lint sometimes crazy amounts. Some towels would started to almost matte down as if they were melted in a hot dryer or wash. But it wasn't every towel. So those were down graded. Then I found that that Esoteric carried their red company color in a 500gsm long nap plush microfiber from South Korea. Those became my favorite they maintained their softness their color didnt fade either. They only offer it in red and in that style. So I was stoked when I found Carzilla and Detail PoPo microfiber. I'm telling you hands down the best highest quality yarn and finished towels out there. On a scale of one to 10. TRC's purple eagle edge less was my all time favorite towel use to give it a 9/10 but now it gets a 7/10 because these towel received a perfect 10.I have yet to get any lint even on windows. Yeah that's right even using a plush towel to do windows leads to no Lint! I'm sure fibers will break and it will happen cause windows create a ton of drag. The only time you with get them to shed fibers is when they're brand new which the packaging clearly states wash before use. That is a must WASH THEM FIRST w/micro restore and some white vinegar after the first wash especially if you using them with a sio2 sealant or something. If u need something stronger to break dowm the acrylic resins in products. Adam's new towel and pad cleaner is insane! Strongest wash detergent. Okay long review but Carzilla rocks so it's the least I can do

Marco T.
Canada Canada
Awesome product

A must have in every detailers arsenal!

Canada Canada

Very soft towels. If you properly wash them with microfiber wash after each use they last forever.