Chemical Guys Paint Correction 1 No.778 16oz

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The cutting ability of a compound with the superior finishing ability of a polish with the unmatched work time of a glaze... all in one OEM approved Body Shop safe Paint Correction Polish.




Paint Correction 1 -Premium Paint Correction Polish System- is capable of removing light-medium imperfections while delivering perfect results naturally without filling-in or covering up.


The Entire Paint Correction System completely replaces compounds. The Paint Correct line of products cut like compounds, but do so without the heavy grit abrasive. Utilizing Acu-Cut4 Micro n++Size polishing powders n++ Paint Correction Polishes deliver a faster more accurate cut that finishes to perfection like a polish.

Perfect, Professional OEM Results without fillers!

Paint correction 1-2-3 will completely replace any compound and polish assortment offering amateurs and enthusiasts professional results with less effort and less time. Paint Correction 1 was designed to follow Paint Correction 2 and virtually any compound or polish to remove light to moderate swirls, marring and sand scratches restoring a like new perfect finish. Paint Correction 1 No. 788 replaces fishing compounds, polishes and glazes delivering a bright, smooth, flawless, perfect finish applied by hand or machine.