Chemical Guys Hex Logic Light/Medium Polishing Pad White 6.5" (Single Pad)

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Finish Polishing Jobs With Hex-Logic White Pad

Heavy polishing with abrasive compounds and high speed rotary buffers can leave marks in paintwork. Holograms and compound marring are a normal byproduct of aggressive paint removal, so professional detailers refine the the finish with a finishing polish and Hex-Logic White Pad. The Medium-Soft polishing pad removes holograms, buffer trails, and compound marring from painted finishes to restore gloss, depth, and clarity to reflection. Paint correction uses abrasive compounds and machine polishers to remove “dead” layers of paint. This process reveals the fresh scratch-free paint underneath, and improves clarity and depth of reflection. Chemical Guys recommends first polishing a small test spot with the least aggressive cutting pad and cutting compound to test for desired results. The White Hex-Logic pad is a medium-light polishing pad that refines paint finishes after aggressive compounding. Use a fine finishing polish like V38 Final Polish to restore gloss and a deep lustrous shine with the Hex-Logic White Pad.