Chemical Guys Hex Logic Heavy Polishing Pad Green 6.5" (Single Pad)

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Green Hex-Logic Pads For One Step Polishing Jobs

Softer paint finishes can be cut and polished in one pass. Try using the Green Hex-Logic pad with a one-step polish like VSS Scratch & Swirl Remover or V4 All In One Polish & Sealant to remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation, then restore painted finishes with gloss, depth, and reflection. Paint correction uses abrasive compounds and machine polishers to remove “dead” layers of paint. This process reveals the fresh scratch-free paint underneath, and improves clarity and depth of reflection. Chemical Guys recommends first polishing a small test spot with the least aggressive cutting pad and cutting compound to test for desired results. The Green Hex-Logic pad is a heavy polishing pad, and is safer than cutting pads for sensitive paint finishes. After polishing a 2’ x 2’ test spot, check for desired results. If enough defects are removed and gloss restored, continue polishing the rest of the work area. Save time and combine multiple polishing steps with the Green Hex-Logic Pad and advanced one-step polishing compounds.