Chemical Guys Hex Logic Heavy Cutting Pad Yellow 6.5" (Single Pad)

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Fix The Worst Scratches And Defects With Yellow Hex-Logic Pads

Detailers should only resort to the Yellow Hex-Logic Pad for the worst swirls and scratches in painted finishes. Paint correction uses abrasive compounds and machine polishers to remove “dead” layers of paint. This process reveals the fresh scratch-free paint underneath, and improves clarity and depth of reflection. Chemical Guys recommends first polishing a small test spot with the least aggressive cutting pad and cutting compound to test for desired results. When Orange Pad and V36 do not work, try pairing the Yellow Hex-Logic pad with heavy compounds like V32 Extreme Compound or V34 Hybrid Compound to remove severe swirls, scratches, oxidation, water spot etching, and other defects from painted finishes. The Yellow Hex-Logic pad is the most aggressive foam cutting pad and removes heavy defects and damage. After polishing a 2’ x 2’ test spot, check for desired results. If enough defects are removed, continue polishing the work area, then switch to a finishing polish on White Hex-Logic pad if needed. Choose the Yellow Hex-Logic Pad to remove the toughest defects in the hardest paint finishes.