Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Clear 16oz

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Why Buy This Product?

  • Will not strip wax or sealant
  • pH balanced neutral 
  • Formulated with Extreme Suds II- high suds foaming action
  • Ideal for foam cannons, pressure washers, foam guns and foamers
  • Citrus based, hyper-concentrated wash + gloss is the ultimate surface prep paintwork cleanser
  • Shampoo and gloss enhancer in one

How it Works

Citrus Daily Car Wash with Extreme Suds is a citrus-based hyper shampoo that is pH balanced neutral for the safest and best daily wash under the sun. Citrus Daily Wash will maximize gloss without stripping waxes or sealants. A hybrid formulation from our Citrus Wash and Gloss, Citrus Wash Clear is formulated and pH Neutral for extreme hyper sudzzzzzing action that is 100% safe for all waxes and sealed surfaces. Engineering using Extreme Suds II a hyper suds shampoo emulsion developed to deliver unmatched suds. This highly concentrated hyper shampoo means serious business. Citrus Wash and Gloss Daily Wash single cap full mixes with 5 gallons of water. The ideal shampoo for all foam cannons, pressure washers, foam guns and snow foamers Citrus Wash Clears superior high suds formula lifts and emulsifies contaminates carefully lifting them away from the surface to be rinsed off.