Chemical Guys 5050 Limited Series Paste Wax 8oz

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  • “Guaranteed the best paste wax at any price” – Luxury & Exotics Magazine
  • Limited and superior production runs yield better quality products
  • Wet, deep shine on any paint color
  • Pure Brazilian Carnauba paste wax provides outstanding durability and a warm glow
  • Heat resistant metal tin ensures freshness of your product

About 5050 Limited Series Concours Paste Wax

For over 100 years, automotive designers and enthusiasts around the world have praised pure carnauba wax as the ultimate way to achieve the perfect show-winning shine. Any true automotive fanatic can sense the warm glow of pure carnauba on a vehicle from miles away. The amazing depth that pure carnauba wax brings to paintwork is a key factor to achieving the ultimate shine. The rich, warm glow of pure carnauba really attracts the eyes of spectators and car show judges everywhere. The custom 5050 concours formula is designed for perfectionists searching for the deepest shine with unmatched brilliance. We believe designing a custom wax is truly a work of art. The secret Chemical Guys Paste Wax mixture and emulsification process requires a full 18 hours of blending at the precise temperature to ensure a wax that produces the signature glow.