Blackfire Wet Diamond Metal Sealant 16oz

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Blackfire Wet Diamond Metal Sealant 16oz

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Blackfire Wet Diamond Metal Sealant 16oz

Show your metal some love with the BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant. BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant provides top of the line protection to your metal surface from corrosion, scratches, the effects of UV light and other problematic wear and tear. This revolutionary acrylic-based formula keeps your metal bright, shiny and new with just this one bottle. Fading and dullness are no longer an issue, with the formula keeping your metal bright for up to six months!

Get ready for some heavy metal (sealing)! No need for guitar solos or heading banging here, just the BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant. Metal can make or break a car, both literally and cosmetically... A nice-looking metal bumper or even just an exhaust pipe, can add to the final product of the perfect car. You can polish your metal to perfection, but without the proper sealant, you will just be on your knees polishing again just a few days later. Time for some BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant to save the day!

Part of the beauty of the BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant is the beauty itself. With the BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant your metal will never lose its luster, no matter what the world throws at it. Unlike most metal sealants, this product works not just on bare metal surfaces, but on clear coated and painted ones as well! This product is precisely formulated to have a super high gloss finish. It will make your metal look as bright as the sun, without actually being affected by the sun itself. You can’t have a high gloss shine, without the fear that it will fade or dull. But that fear can be erased with this product because the highly selective polymers know how to protect the shine for the long haul. This product is made with daily drivers in mind. BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant will have your rims, fender or whatever metal you have, looking sharp. Not only will it look good, but the durability of this metal sealant is almost incomparable in protection. It’s perfect for daily commutes on the highway, back roads and long road trips.

Keeping the daily driver in mind, BLACKFIRE knows what the environment can do to your car’s surface and more particularly, your metal surfaces. You’d assume metal is tough, after all, it’s metal, it builds buildings! But metal is just as prone to daily wear and tear as anything else. BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant is acrylic based, meaning it’s superpowered polymers are built to protect. This product shields your metal from multiple kinds of hazardous forces, such as; weathering, salt air, pollution, bug remnants build up and UV deterioration. When it comes to UV deterioration, BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant is designed to withstand high levels of heat. Withstanding heat is a huge bonus, considering for most drivers, their cars are in the sun 100% of the time. This metal sealant also protects against oxidation, which is one of the leading causes of rust. And who likes rust on their car?

With the BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant all you have to do is apply this product to a finishing pad (whether by hand or machine), apply the pad to the surface and then buff off with a microfiber towel when it’s completely dry. This product almost acts as a two-in-one, as it cleans up any polish residue left behind from your previous detailing step. It conveniently has its own level of light cleaning ability to finish up what the other products may have left. This way, your metal is perfectly clean before it seals and protects. You are typically on your hands and knees for this practice, so its best if you don’t have to do a metal sealing step very often. Luckily, this chemically designed recipe keeps your metal looking shimmery for up to six months. Give your back a break and let BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant do all the work.


Do not apply onto a hot surface or in direct sunlight.BLACKFIRE Metal Sealant can be applied by hand or by machine.

  • By hand: Apply a pea-sized amount of product onto a foam or microfiber applicator and apply a thin layer onto the metal surface. Allow to dry completely before buffing off residue using a clean microfiber towel.

  • By machine: Apply several pea-sized drops of product onto a foam polishing or finishing pad and attach to your machine polisher. Spread over the surface before turning your machine onto low and working the product over a 2x2 sq. ft. area. Allow to dry completely before buffing off residue using a clean microfiber towel.