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Q: Can I touch up my Autodip finish?

A: Yes! Touching up Autodip finishes is easy. If your Autodip surface becomes scratched, touch-up the imperfection by applying enough coats to color-match the affected area. If your Autodip surface becomes chipped, touch up the imperfection by applying a minimum of 6 coats to repair the affected area.

Q: Can I go through automatic car washes?

A: We do not recommend going through automatic car washes. Many customers have gone through touch-less traditional car washes without any issues, however given there is no general standardization for pressure, soaps and waxes used, we suggest caring for your Autodip surface yourself with Autodip Maintenance Products.

Q: Can I pressure wash my Autodip paint?

A: Autodip finishes can be pressure washed as long as the coating is not torn or chipped. Excessive pressure may damage the Autodip paint.

Q: How do I maintain my Autodip finish?

A: In order to properly maintain your Autodip finish, we developed a full line of maintenance products specifically for our vinyl-based coating. Using other maintenance products may stain or damage your Autodip finish.

Q: Can I wax and polish my Autodip coated surfaces?

A: No. We do not recommend waxing or polishing a Autodip paint as the products may contain ingredients that can damage your Autodip finish.