Adam's Wash and Coat 12oz

Adam's Wash and Coat 12oz

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Adam's Wash and Coat 12oz

SiO2 infused soap that is designed to protect and maintain as you clean.

Adam’s Ceramic Wash & Coat is a revolutionary way to clean your ceramic coated vehicle and safely remove dirt while maintaining protection. This product is a concentrated, extreme high performance, pH neutral soap that is designed to protect, shine, and enhance your current coated vehicle. Our formula is hand crafted and adjusted to optimize results on ceramic coated vehicles and refresh your ceramic coating with simple wash procedures. This product was designed to be used with an Adam’s Foam Cannon or Adam’s Foam Gun, but can also be used in regular washing methods.


  • Fill a bucket 2/3 full with water. Pour 1-2oz. of Adam’s Ceramic Wash & Coat directly onto the Adam’s Wash Pad.
  • Immerse Adam’s Wash Pad into the bucket. Spray hose directly into Wash Pad to disperse soap and create suds.
  • Rinse Vehicle with hose, wash top to bottom following proper wash methods, then rinse again.
  • To ease drying and enhance gloss and hydrophobic properties, spray a fine mist of Adam’s Ceramic Waterless Wash onto the wet vehicle.

Dry vehicle with an Adam’s Ultra Plush Drying Towel, or Adam’s air accessory.

Foam Gun/Foam Cannon Usage:

  • Fill Adam’s Foam Cannon or Adam’s Foam Gun canister nearly full with water.
  • Pour 3-4oz. of Adam’s Ceramic Wash & Coat into canister.
  • Screw sprayer lid back on to canister, shake well for optimal mixture.
  • Attach foaming accessories to garden hose/pressure washer.
  • Squeeze handle to spray suds onto vehicle.
  • Continue through proper wash and drying methods.