Adam's Matte Sealant Protectant 16oz

Brand: Adams

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Adam's Matte Protectant is super easy-to-use, restoring color and depth to matte finishes. We made Matte Protectant for cars wrapped in matte vinyl or painted in a matte finish.

This product offers a quick method of applying protection for wraps, decals, stripes, and more. It smells incredible and you'll be amazed at how it goes on and off with ease.

Apply to a clean, decontaminated finish. Shake Adam's Matte Protectant vigorously before use.

1. Apply a small quarter-size blob onto Adam's Red Hex Grip or Microfiber Applicator Block.
2. Spread onto matte surface in a thin, even layer. Try to avoid panel gaps, and apply in the shade if possible.
3. Allow to dry for 3-5 minutes. May need more time in high humidity.
4. Buff away residue with a clean premium microfiber towel.

  • Easy on, easy off, excellent results
  • Mask minor imperfections, subtle surface scratches, and swirl marks
  • Ideal for vinyl and painted matte finishes