3D Products HD ADAPT 32oz - Multi surface compounding polish

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3D Products HD ADAPT

MULTI-SURFACE COMPOUNDING POLISH using Adaptive Abrasive Technology

Introducing the industry’s 1st compounding polish with Adaptive Abrasive Technology® (AAT). HD ADAPT uses specially engineered micro abrasives that effortlessly adapt to correct, polish and restore perfection to virtually any hard surface such as modern base-coat clear-coat paint systems, older single stage lacquer paints, non-plated metals, Lexans, gelcoats & plastics. Designed to produce exceptional results when used with your choice of machine polisher such as rotary, dual action and/or forced rotation. Can be used with most foam, wool or microfiber correction and polishing pads.

HD ADAPT uses a combination of unique micro abrasive technologies that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the buffing cycle by using both chemical and mechanical compounds that allows the user to quickly level defects while at the same time producing excellent gloss & clarity to virtually any surface. This specialized lubricant and cutting system enables the user to adapt to any type of polishing machine or polishing pad to not only quickly level away most defects, but also produce a fine polished result.  

HD ADAPT’s unique abrasives are designed to quickly level away heavy defects while leaving little to no residual micro-marring in one easy step. Rest assured knowing that HD ADAPT (when used as
directed) will not fill or conceal your true finish. Easily wipes from the surface while not creating any troublesome dust, buildup or oily mess behind.  

Perfect choice for mobile detailers, paint correction experts, body shops, precious metal workers, car washes, dealershipsand/or enthusiast car care aficionados who prefer to keep their product choices simplified. Restore and polish automotive paint, boats, aircraft, RVs, aluminum, brass, gold, silver, headlights, cymbals and much more.  VOC compliant formula will not produce any harmful airborne particles that will contaminate sensitive paint shops or the earth’s environment. Safe for fresh paint.

Contains no wax, silicone or fillers.

Shake Well Before Use. Use the foam, wool or microfiber pad of your choice tailoring your pad selection to the desired task.  Apply 6-8 pea sized drops to the pad for initial priming and work within a 2€™' by 2'€™ area. Use moderate to firm pressure, letting the machine, pad and HD ADAPT do all the hard work. For optimal results use very slow arm movement to allow HD APAPT to chemically and mechanically act with the surface. Use cross-hatched passes (up & down / side to side) overlapping each pass by approximately 50%. Repeat as necessary. To reach optimal gloss and defect-free finish, follow-up with a finishing pad as needed. After each pass, clean pads with compressed air, pad spur or your choice of cleaning tool.  Follow up with 3-4 drops for additional passes cleaning your pad after each pass. Swap out to fresh pads often.


**Optimal Rotary Buffer range of 1000-1800 RPM.
**Dual Action Orbital between 4500-6000 OPM.