3D ONE Hybrid Single Step Compound 32oz

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3D ONE Hybrid Single Step Compound 32oz

Single Step Compound

Correct and perfect any paint surface in drastically less time than before, non-existent dusting and incredibly long working time, wipe off with ease

3D ONE is a hybrid cutting compound and finishing polish, in ONE product, that accelerates compound and polishing performance. 3D ONE has specially engineered Nano Ceramic Alumina Abrasives that easily correct heavy to light paint scratches using a DA or high-speed rotary polisher. 3D ONE is a unique water-based product, when applied on a cutting pad, 3D ONE will to remove heavy scratches, equivalent to p1500 sanding scratches. Applied on a polishing or finishing pad 3D ONE will to polish the surface and deliver an exceptional high gloss finish. 3D ONE is the ONE product that will compound and level and then polish your paint to a brilliant, showroom shine. It’s easy to use, easy to clean up and leaves the perfect finish every time. Works best when applied in shaded areas but is also sun-friendly.