303 Tire & Rubber Cleaner 32oz

Brand: 303

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  • Preps Tire for 303® Tire Balm or other desired tire dressing
  • Color Changing Foam Formula — Watch Dirt and Grime Dissolve Quickly and Easily!
  • Removes Tire Browning
  • Great for use on Rubber Floor Mats and Wheels
  • Safe for use on all Wheel Types

Dirty tires are an eyesore on any vehicle. Clean it up with 303® Tire and Rubber Cleaner. Great for tires and any other rubber parts, especially rubber floor mats! This fast acting formula removes tire browning, dirt, grime, and any other road particles quickly and easily. This product is also great for cleaning your wheels.


To use, spray the product directly onto the surface. Once the product comes into contact with dirt and grime it will change color, this is showing you the formula in action. As that color is changing it is actually removing the dirt right before your eyes! Let this do its job for 1-2 minutes, use a semi course brush to remove any stubborn grime, then rinse thoroughly with water. This product is safe on all rubber, vinyl, and wheels.