Nextzett Spray Wax 16.9oz

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Spray Wax  cleans, protects and adds shine in one simple step. Use in addition to your primary car wax, such as einszett Glanz Wax, to extend protection against road and air pollutants, acid rain, tree sap, and bird droppings while adding a deep, high gloss shine. Great for a final wipe down to remove dust and fingerprints. Spray Wax does not affect any prior wax applications and does not cause filming or leave any residue. Can be applied on either a wet or dry paint finish. Water-based formula is free of petroleum solvents and is biodegradable.

  • Fast and easy spray wax
  • Leaves a protective deep gloss finish
  • Removes fingerprints, dust, pollen, sap and
    bird droppings
  • Won't leave any residue or build-up
  • Meets OECD international standards criteria for biodegradability

16.9 oz (500 ml)


Product Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - Ingredients