TACSYSTEM Moonlight 250ml v2

TACSYSTEM Moonlight 250ml - CARZILLA

TACSYSTEM Moonlight 250ml v2

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TACSYSTEM Moon Light, true 25% SiO2 ceramic coating in a spray bottle. v2 2022

Also works on PPF (car bras), Gloss Vinyl Wraps, Chrome, Plastics, Paint, Lights, Gel Coat, Windows, Fiberglass, Boats, RV’s. For matte wraps or brake calipers see Magic Plus 60%.

The Moonlight is by far my favourite product out of the thousands of products out in the market, because it’s just so easy and durable at the same time. This is simply a cheat in a bottle. Spray, wipe, done. It also will provide all the benefits of a traditional ceramic coating such as abrasion, solvents, salt resistance etc., in exchange of hardness and durability of course, because the Moon Light is only 25% vs say, the UHS Ultra’s 90%.

Since the Moon Light hardens, standard coating precautions still apply, such as leveling the product, and leave no residues. You don’t have to throw away your towels for this one, simply soak them in a strong washing solution, then wash as normal.

The Moon Light is not water based, it’s literally a ceramic coating in a spray bottle, it actually shares similar chemistry as the Quartz Shine 70%, thus the vehicle needs to be completely dry before applying. Follow standard coating procedures, but the surface doesn’t need to be so meticulously prepped like proper coatings does.

Proper application process:

You can either spray, wipe, done, or follow below for maximum effectiveness: Deon the paint with clay, or Paint Cleanser, follow by Oil Zero. Spray product onto 1 towel, the “application towel”, then remove residues right away with a second buffing towel. Or spray products onto a sponge, apply quickly, then buff off right away. Never spray product onto surface, always do it on the towel, this is to limit missed spots.

Since we’re on the topic of clay, clay is an abrasion. It’s very effective in picking up contaminants but risk in leaving imperfections on the surface. This is where the TACSYSTEM Paintwork Cleaner comes in (https://www.carzilla.ca/tacsystem-canada/tacsystem-paintwork-cleaner-150ml). It’s a “wet on wet” paintwork cleanser, meaning after the vehicle has been washed, don’t dry it, simply take an applicator pad and apply Paintwork Cleanser onto wet surface, similar to a clay. See link for more details.

For professional use: IR lamp at 65C at 15min.

Moonlight comes with 1x sprayer.