WheelWax Metal Polish 3oz

WheelWax Metal Polish 3oz - CARZILLA

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WheelWax Metal Polish - Great polish for BARE metal, including polished aluminum wheels and engine parts. We searched high and low before coming up with the best metal polish anywhere. WheelWax Metal Polish is the most effective product for removing oxidation and tarnish on all bare metals. The product comes in the form of a pad that has been impregnated with the metal polish. 

To apply: Start by rinsing loose dirt from the wheel. Tear off a piece of the pad and begin polishing. Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe off residue. Turn the cloth over and buff. 

Once your bare metal shines like new, be sure to seal your wheels with WHEELWAX - THE ULTIMATE PROTECTION FOR YOUR WHEELS to keep the shine lasting longer, and to help your wheels repel brake dust. Use WheelWax every month to prevent oxidation and to reduce the need to polish your wheels as often.

You will be amazed by this polish!

PLEASE NOTE: WheelWax Metal Polish is to be used on BARE metal surfaces only. It is not safe for clear-coated, painted or anodized metal surfaces.