TACSYSTEM Quartz Shine 70% SiO2 30ml Kit

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TACSYSTEM Quartz Shine 70% SiO2 30ml ceramic coating kit

Also works on PPF (car bras), Gloss Vinyl Wraps, Chrome, Plastics, Paint, Gel Coat, Windows, Fiberglass, Boats, RV’s. For matte wraps see Magic Plus 60%. A highly concentrated SiO2 formula.

A 70% mixture of different type of Si chemistry, predominantly SiO2. Very durable against abrasion, salts, solvents and acids. Will provide a true 9H hardness at 2 coats. The coating will make bird droppings, tar, tree sap easier to remove.

We often get asked “Why can’t I just use the TACSYSTEM Quartz Shine 70% on wheels, glass, trims… on basically everything? Why do I need to use the Magic Plus Wheel Coating on wheels and window/trim specific coatings?”

The primary reason is the carrying and bonding resins. For example, leather dyes vs other types of dyes, hair, clothing etc., pigments molecules are the same all across, it’s the carrying and bonding resins that’s differentiates from dye to dye. Same idea for ceramic coating coatings. Yes you can apply coatings on most surfaces, but the question is how long it’s going to adhere. The Quartz Shine 70% will have a higher concentration of quartz vs the Magic Plus 60%, at 15~20% more to be precise, but at a reduced additive in bonding agents, thus the Quartz Shine 70% is only made for painted surfaces, or surfaces under 400C, unlike the Magic Plus 60% at 800C, even for exhausts and brake calipers. It doesn’t really mean the Quartz Shine 70% is unable to sustain more than 400C, the quartz itself can actually sustain up to 1,200C but it’s the adhesive resins that’ll lose its properties first.

The advantage of the Quartz Shine 70% is increased gloss and a thicker coat. This is simply due to the increased concentration of Si.

For surfaces such as brake calipers, exhaust tips, textured trims etc., where gloss factor is not as impacting as large flat surfaces like vehicle panels, the Magic Plus 60% is a better product than the 70% or 90% variants, because you want it to bond, and actually last a long time.

The reason why a quartz coating will out gloss a wax/sealant is this: paint microscopically is porous and undulating, even after a polish, and a quartz coating can fill the little pores and hardens in it, helping the surface level even more. Anything hard and leveled can reflect light more uniformly, thus higher gloss.

Application process:

Assuming your paint has been decontaminated; decon with Iron Zero, Clay Bar, Polished, Oil Zero etc. The buff off time is generally between 30 sec ~ 60 sec, and between coats is between 4~12 hours. 4 hours during warmer/dryer seasons, 6~12 hours for cold/wet seasons. Throw away towels when you’re done, as the quartz can harden the fibers. Watch out for dry quartz shards near the lip of the bottle, as it can fall into in. 2nd coat makes a BIG difference, you’ve went through so much to get your paint looking like this at this stage, it make sense to stretch a little and do multiple coats.

Worthy notes after coating:

Drying and curing is very different. Drying is when the surface or coating is dry to the touch, but curing is the bonding and locking of molecules over time. The coating dries in <5 minutes after buffing by hand, though majority of the solvents has escaped, but it still needs to cure. Cure time is 4~7 days depending on temperature and humidity. Do not wash the car or let it see water when the coating is curing, because hard water spots can be cured onto the coating.

So how do you maintain it?

Think of it this way, imagine your wrist watch or phone screen, doesn’t matter how hard the glass is, let it be tempered glass or not, with a month of neglect, swirl marks and scratches will start to show. This is the same as ceramic coatings. There seems to be a misconception of ceramic coating is a do it once and leave it for 5 years. It needs to be taken cared of, washed carefully with a plush mitt, dry with a soft towel, the common stuff. The only 2 things that’ll touch your paint is the wash mitt and towels, make sure they’re the highest of quality.

Coating can be replenished by using the Quartz Max, Mystic Bubble, Mystic Water, One Step Master etc, they also act as great sacrificial coats for the coating.

Always protect yourself and wear respirator & gloves. Ensure application area is free of loose contamination.

For professional use: IR lamp at 65C at 20min.