TACSYSTEM Fabric Coat 500ml

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Fabric Coating for convertible tops and such.

40% Siloxane mix for fabrics and canvass. It’s a newly formulated coating tailor made for fabrics, cloth, canvass etc. It is very simple to apply and offers a super hydrophobic effect. Fabric Coat also provides UV protection against UVA and UVB, and high stain resistant for the fabrics. It can consequently enhance the durability and life expectancy of the material. Fabric Coat also prevents discoloration and deformation of the fabric's structure.

We often get asked “Si based coating for fabric? Doesn’t it harden the fibers?”

No, Siloxane is an organic compound that does not harden. Siloxane is a general term used, the proper chemistry used here is polydimethylsiloxanes. It is a polymer that’s very flexible and generally used in applications that demands high degrees of movement. At $89 generally people think it’s expensive, but look at it this way, at 40% concentration and 500ml in size, this is considerably much cheaper than a 30ml coating.


Simply mist product onto substrate, for maximum effectiveness use a brush to brush the products into the substrate. Let cure for 6-8 hours then apply a final light mist.