Sonus SFX-1 Restore Polish 8oz

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Restores damaged, oxidized and abused paint! Removes paint scratches and heavy swirl marks. When the appearance of your paint deteriorates from exposure or damage, you need a polish that will quickly, yet gently, remove the damaged paint to reveal a fresh, brilliant finish. This is exactly why we created Sonus Restore (SFX-1).

Sonus SFX-1 is a cutting polish designed to remove heavy oxidation caused by exposure to the elements (sun and weather) and finish marring created by chemical fallout, hard water etching, contact scuffing, surface scratches or the ravages of poor detailing tools.

  1. Repairs surface scratches
  2. Removes heavy swirl marks and oxidation
  3. Clearcoat safe!

Sonus SFX-1 is a fast-action cutting and paintwork restoration polish. Use SFX-1 to cut and buff 1200 grit sanding marks, heavy swirl marks, surface scratches, orange peel and severe oxidation. You may also use Sonus SFX-1 to repair the damage cause by water spot etching and bird droppings.