RejeX Paint Sealant 12oz

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RejeX is a water-clear, thin film polymer coating designed to provide an ultra-high-release surface. RejeX is commonly used as a paint sealant providing a high-performance alternative to conventional wax-based products to maximize protection and shine on vehicles of all sorts, including aircraft, cars, motorcycles, boats and RVs.

This very thin film, only tenths of a micron thick, reduces adhesion of all common contaminants such as road grime, exhaust, oil, bug splats, bird droppings, brake dust, tree sap, pollen, tar and grease. RejeX provides the best UV protection of any product of its kind. RejeX is even effective against the dreaded love bugs! It can also be applied to windshields (glass, Lexan, acrylic, etc.) to repel rain and make bugs splats easier to remove. RejeX produces a deep, lustrous shine that outlasts other "wax" products by months.

RejeX contains none of the free silicone oils found in some other polymer products that are known to contaminate paint and cause issues when repainting.

Directions: When ambient temperatures are above 85° F, apply RejeX out of direct sunlight. If the surface is too hot, the coating will dry before it has properly bonded to the surface, and it won’t last to its full potential. If the surface becomes hot to the touch, cool by rinsing liberally with water, dry, then apply RejeX. For larger vehicles such as RVs, busses and yachts, a good trick for dealing with hot days is to apply RejeX to the top and western facing side in the morning and the eastern facing side in the afternoon, so that you're always working on the shady side.

RejeX should be wiped on, allowed to dry for 10-20 minutes until it forms a haze, wiped off, then allowed to cure for 8-12 hours (depending on the humidity). The higher the humidity, the faster RejeX cures.

When applied, the RejeX monomers (polymer building blocks) attach to the surface being treated and polymerize (cross-link) into a crystal-clear, flexible, chemically resistant film.