Detail Popo Light Shower 400GSM Waffle Drying Towel 100x60CM

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True 400 GSM Korean made tight-weave waffle drying towel, large at 100 x 60 cm (3.28 x 2 ft), yet easy to wring. Lint free guaranteed.

Not all waffle towels are created equal, we emphasize specifically on the tightness of the weave, as the denser the weave is, the more water it'll hold and absorb. When you pick up our towel, you'll definitely notice the weight, we cut no corners to ensure the GSM numbers are correct. Due to the nature of the towel's thickness, it's very easy to wring out for small hands.

We also paid very close attention when crafting the sealed edges of the towel, it's made with the same fibrous material as the towel, ensure there's absolutely zero scratching while drying.

Instead of a more traditional 80 x 60 cm drying towel, we oped for the extra 20 cm in length, making it functional as a lean over towel when you're working on your vehicle.

Machine washable, tumble or air dry.

Made in S Korea.