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If we had to choose only one product to protect, beautify, and keep our cars healthy, it would be Seal and Squeal. Sealants are extremely versatile when it comes to offering shine, protection, and longevity. However, we took it well beyond that and formulated Seal and Squeal around a foundation of Active Amino Polymers, which bond to paint surfaces, almost to the point of being needy and weird. The upside is- it ain’t washing away anytime soon.

The remaining ingredients we use to make this product are also second to none. Seal and Squal will gobble up oxidation and ad a shine to painted surfaces like no other.. One application will reasonably last for five to six months. However, we are a bit “Extra” around here, so we like to throw some down every three to four months. Just rub it on, let it cure, and remove the excess. You will instantly know where the name came from when you see the results.


We’ve chosen our profession because it makes us happy and it feels like what we were meant to do. But sometimes it’s human nature to take yourself a bit too seriously. With this in mind, we like to have a sense of humor, and name our products silly little things that are based on the truth, but also make us chuckle. The name Seal and Squeal came from a collector friend of ours, who called after trying the formula’s latest iteration. He told us that “he rubbed the product on, letting it cure for about an hour, not really thinking much about the whole process.” However, when he returned, he stood back to get a look at his work. He said, “I literally bit my knuckle to stop myself from squealing like a school girl…” We were not quite sure how to react to our usually reserved friend’s response. So, we did what we typically do—we laughed and then laughed a bit more. Certainly there are worse ways to pay the rent.

Directions: First establish paint surface condition, check for signs of contaminants (rough scratchy surface) Clay bar if needed. Apply Product with an applicator sponge in a straight back and forth motion (the direction which wind would pass over car). Allow sealant to cure for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove with a clean micro fiber towel in same back and forth motion, be certain to shake out and rotate towel often. Buff to a Mind Blowing Shine. Then sit back and watch your neighbors seethe with jealousy.

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