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We sometimes take things a bit too far. Although, when it comes to having the power to clean and remove practically anything from your car’s surfaces, can you really go too far? Hyper Cleanse is the most effective leather, plastic, and vinyl cleaner on the planet. Yet remarkably, (as we mentioned) it contains no solvents or other ingredients that will harm the environment or dry out what it cleans.

Pen, denim, oil, grease. As a matter of real fact, we have not found a substance or stain yet, which Hyper Cleanse will not remove. Guaranteed to be the best product you’ve ever used. It’s so good it’ll undoubtedly end up in the house, taking stains off everything you own.

  • No solvents, yet insanely effective.

  • Made for leather, but works just as well on all surfaces.

  • Removes most every type of stain.

  • Will not leave residue on surface.


Like we mentioned—we usually shy away from products which claim to do a wide variety of tasks. What can we say? We’re specialists by nature. Although, after trying the 34th variation of this miracle tonic, we stumbled onto a combination of substances, that when stirred together, produced remarkable results. It didn’t matter what we sprayed it on—viola! It vanished. We went around cleaning carpet, dirty leather, couches, vinyl—just about every surface we could find. Metal and wood were a bust, but you get the idea. So clean to your hearts content, little campers! Hyper Cleanse is guaranteed to make you a better parent, spouse, human being…

Directions:  Just spray and Pray. OK, those are not really directions. Spray on surface and wipe dry with a clean damp towel. For really bad stains, allow product to remain on the surface for a few minutes, then wipe dry. If that does not work, go back to the first set of directions. Note: As with any product, please use caution and apply in an inconspicuous test area first.

Extra Credit: If you have a really nasty stain which has defied all your best efforts, use a hot wet towel and push it down on the stain for about 30 seconds before applying Hyper Cleanse. This will open up the fibers and allow the cleaning agents to better penetrate and remove the stain.

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