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Our schtick at Lithium has always been about being entirely transparent—and just telling it like it is. If something isn’t what we had hoped, we say it, or we go back to work until it’s exactly what we’d wanted. However, if there is something that is simply mind-bending, we are going to call that out as well. Gloss Sauce is one of those products—it’s too good not to mention. Gloss Sauce is variation number—who even knows? We just became enamored with both the process and the progress that we quit counting.

Our mission started with one mandate, to “use only the very best ingredients and science available.” This was pretty easy to remember since it sums up our entire company philosophy.

For Gloss Sauce, we gathered a plethora of light-vectoring ingredients that enhance paint better than anything on the planet. Then we took ultra-pure T-1 Carnauba waxes, which make your paint look a mile thick, and started doing some freestyling—adding in some really interesting polymers, and not just any polymers—we added Curable Amino Functional Polymers.

  • The Very Finest T-1 Carnauba Waxes, fused with Curable Amino Functional Polymers = Depth, Shine, Durability

  • Insanely easy to apply and remove—that doesn’t mean it’s not working. IT IS…

  • The Best Polish/ Wax/ Polymer (whatever) you will every use, period.


This sort of molecule mashing usually does not end well or result in any kind of added performance or value. However, in the case of Gloss Sauce, adding Curable Amino Functional Polymers takes care of many of the problems you experience with traditional waxes. Since your paint is a microscopic menagerie of peaks and valleys, using this particular combination allows the wax to fill in the crevasses, flattening the surface, which equals more light reflection. The Polymers enable Gloss Sauce to adhere to the high spots on the paint surface.

Gloss Sauce is insanely easy to apply and remove, but ironically that was never the objective. We’re sort of old school; somewhere in the back of our little analog brains, that persistent voice is always saying, “if it doesn’t hurt, it’s not working.” There are two ways to fix that problem. One is therapy, for which we have a designated 800 number with operators standing by, and the other is not using cheap ingredients, like solvents and turpentine. Companies over the years have used these types of solvents to soften and emulsify the wax for easier use for the consumer. This creates a few problems—first, these toxins are terrible for everything they touch and second, solvents flash off or evaporate and hightail it out, leaving you with just the hard wax, making it a real biotch to remove.

Directions: First establish paint surface condition, check for signs of contaminants (rough scratchy surface) Clay bar if needed. Apply Product with an applicator sponge in a straight back and forth motion (the direction which wind would pass over car) Allow wax to cure for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove with a clean micro fiber towel in same back and forth motion, be certain to shake out and rotate cloth often. Buff till you need sunglasses.

Extra Credit: Fill a bucket with ice and water- take a clean micro fiber towel, dunk it in the water and rub down the car. This will harden and flatten the wax even further, enhancing the luster factor to “Insane”