Lithium Fore Clay and Luster Lube Kit 16oz

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This is a natural formulation which provides more adhesion than synthetic clay. Its naturally white color also makes contaminants and pollutants highly visible, so you know exactly when to start kneading towards a fresh surface.

Fore Clay comes with a bottle of Luster Lube. It’s the finest lubricant ever formulated for Clay. As a matter of fact, many customers have found that it is also THE BEST stand-alone spray detailer ever mixed as well. It has incredible hydrophobic properties, and the two-foot thick shine is totally re-writing the future of spray and clay.


These two formulas combined will leave your paint, chrome, and glass smoother and brighter than the day they rolled off the assembly line. Removes iron, brake dust, sap, and twenty other pollutants. If done correctly, you can clay your paint as often as you like. However, it will remove any other coatings, waxes, or sealants that are on the surface. The unique ingredients in Luster lube will work as a protectant in the short term. For the long term, we recommend finishing up with a suitable sealant, which will fill in the microscopic pits left when the iron and other nasty toxins where pulled out of the paint and will last for several months.

Directions: Wash all surfaces thoroughly. Liberally apply Luster Lube to about a 2- square foot area and rub clay bar lightly over the surface until your paint feels like glass. If in fact the surface is glass, just rub till it feels like your paint. Note: make certain the surface is cool to the touch- and heavily lubricated at all times. Buff dry with a clean micro fiber towel. Continually check the clay bar for dirt and contaminants and knead the clay when necessary.

Extra credit: Sure luster lube will make your paint shine like the sun and a containment free paint will make you get weird about touching it every time you pass. However, these results will be short lived if you do not properly seal the paint afterword’s. So man up (or woman up) and grab some Seal and Squeal and do yourself proud.

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